General information


Audatex has a large database of vehicles, which is based on an official data of 66 manufacturers, and includes information about the repair logic. The database contains more than 22,400 vehicle models, with more than 71.000 of equipment options, and an average of 1.000 parts per vehicle, which is available in 17 different languages. To provide customers with the latest data, in the database are made more than 13.000 changes and additions on a daily basis.

The amount of our database allows You to create repair cost calculations, which include prices of spare parts, spare part numbers, labor times for various repair and painting work, including as well in the calculation repair logic, such as deleting or excluding from the calculation the repetitive work on related parts. Calculation essence - the repair costs aren't a surprise to no one, involved in the loss settlement process.

Audatex provides for assessors and repairers additional tools, that allows accurately and completely identify the vehicle, for example. using a vehicle identification number (VIN), and select the damaged parts by simply clicking on the vehicle graphic images showing the right choices and possible equipment options.

For assessor or repairer is possible to enter all damage information on the site, by the inspection of the vehicle. If the other parties involved need damage confirmation, digital images can be added directly to the calculation. Repair costs are calculated online to provide the latest data and spare part prices.


Audatex can offer solutions for all stages of the loss settlement process: information on previous accidents, module for calculation of small glass damages, automatic checking of invoices, Salvage auction (for damaged and/or non repairable vehicles), also information about the calculation content and the costs, required for process management and planning. 

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