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AudaNet - is a comprehensive, web-based platform for each of in claim settlement process involved parties.

AudaNet platform gives you the possibility to enter vehicle and damage data faster and more convenient, calculate repair costs, exchange estimates and other data entered in the claim settelment process, with other participants without e-mail. This ensures data security, confidentiality, timely transfer and reliability.

The whole system works online. No need for any software installation on the computer, the system can be accessed from any computer with Internet access and a browser.

AudaNet main features :

  • Graphic module, allowing you to accurately, without errors select the damaged components and select the appropriate type of repair with a single mouse click
  • The calculation module that will calculate and provide repair estimates using data of vehicle manufacturers in local language without additional translation
  • Data exchange module, which, if necessary, will allow you to change estimates, photographs and other information with other users on the AudaNet platform
  • Intuitive and easy to understand user menu, which can be adapted to each user's individual needs
  • The ability to store various types of attachments (photos, scanned documents, text files, etc.) on Audatex server
  • Unlimited calculations in one case
  • Comprehensive case history
  • The ability to compare many different calculations in the same case
  • Fast case search by any of the data entered
  • The ability to integrate with other systems
  • The ability to store the results in PDF format

AudaNet platform benefits :

  • You are always using the most recent relevant data, no need to update data (sending data to your computer)
  • No software installation required, to start using the platform - after receiving of username and password, you can immediately use the system
  • Outgoing data security and confidentiality
  • A simple turn on of additional services
  • Ability to adapt the menu structure according the user needs
  • Exchange cases with partners by sending already entered data - no need for additional data entry, entered data is shown in the graphics module.
  • All data are stored on Audatex servers. Losing your computer or the breakdown is not a big problem - all data remains on the server

By developing a AudaNet platform main objectives were :

  • Possibility to exchange data in a common virtual environment between all in a settlement of claims involved parties (insurers, repairers an assesors), to ensure timeliness, security and confidentiality.
  • As much as possible speed up and simplify the damage assessment and reconciliation operations throughout whole loss settlement process
  • Ensure the ability to integrate with other systems

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